Prom at the Newport Aquarium

Prom at the Newport Aquarium

By Kelly Gallagher

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On April 25, Seton’s prom was held at the Newport Aquarium.  This year’s prom theme was Sail Away with teal and coral decorations. Proms in the past have been held at Music Hall and Paul Brown Stadium, but this year, the prom committee decided to change venues.  Spanish teacher Mary Beth Corey and seniors Lizzie Bruewer and Kelly Gallagher went to go visit the aquarium last year to go see if it was a suitable place for prom. They received a full tour of the aquarium and were showed where the students would be dancing, which was under the shark tank. The prom committee decided  that it would be a new and different spot, so it was finalized that prom would be there.

When prom goers arrived at the aquarium, they had the opportunity to tour the aquarium starting at 8 until 9:30p.m. They walked around and were able to pet the sea creatures such as small sharks and starfish in addition to looking at different types of fish in the tanks. Students were also able to take pictures in a photo booth, with water related props such as water wings and a snorkels as well as crazy glasses.  Each group was given a copy of the four photo strip with the prom logo as a prom favor. Pictures from the booth were also put on SharePoint for students to download.

Students took advantage of touring the aquarium and after some of it was closed off, the dance floor was packed. Some students had complaints that there were not many tables to sit at due to space, but there were plenty of benches in the jelly fish and photo booth room for the students to sit. The aquarium seemed to be a very positive experience for all of the students. Senior Maria Hartmann said, “I really had fun at the aquarium and glad prom was held there for my senior year. I haven’t been to the aquarium in forever so it was so cool being able to walk around and then dance after. The music was great and for once I felt like my date was entertained the whole time.”

Comparing prom at Paul Brown and the aquarium, students seemed to have more positive comments about the aquarium then Paul Brown Stadium for many reasons such as more entertainment, a smaller dance floor, better music, and overall a better atmosphere. Senior Ellie Hahn said, “I had more fun at the aquarium because if I didn’t want to dance, I had the chance to walk around and go look at the cool fish tanks. Typically if none of my friends want to dance, we just sit down at a table and talk, but the aquarium was more stimulating for all of my friends and me.” However, other students really enjoyed how big Paul Brown’s dance floor was and how there was a live band and a DJ as well.

Next year’s prom will be back at Paul Brown Stadium but the following year has been booked back at the aquarium for April 29, 2016. This way everyone will get to have two different prom experiences. Both venues were highly enjoyed nevertheless.

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