Senior Project Presentations

Senior Project Presentations

By Monica Lepper


Presentations are something in which all people approach differently. Senior project presentations are no exception. August of this school year, seniors were to choose a topic in which they would like to focus on for the following nine months.  From there, they were assigned mentors that could help and guide them with their chosen topic. On Wednesday, April 30, seniors demonstrated months of work as seniors presented their practice presentations for the senior project. Aspects to each project should have included a mentor relationship, research, field work, a final product and a learning stretch. Projects varied from firefighting to learning how to apply makeup. Everyone had the opportunity this year to choose a project they loved. They could make it their own and do what they pleased as long as they met the list of requirements. Senior Mckenzie Downey said, “The senior project was very stressful at times, but at the end, I am very glad that we did it .…it helped me realize what my future will be like and also what I want to do when I get older.” On Friday, May 16, seniors will present presentations to a panel of judges.  Seniors have mixed emotions towards this. Senior Taylor Morano went into this project really nervous and she said, “I am normally pretty scared going into presentations, and the senior project was not an exception, but once I started presenting during my practice, my nerves calmed down and the project moved smoothly.”


Before juniors know it, they will have to come up with an idea for their own senior project next year. Junior Rachel Seaman said, “I am looking forward to the senior project because I have heard good things about it, but I am also nervous because I have no clue what topic I am interested in.”

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