Senior Service

Senior Service

By Taylor Morano


The class of 2014 will be the third class to complete Seton High School’s Senior Project. Seniors that have completed their projects in previous years focused on areas such as  career, personal interests, or something that they may have never done before. However for my project, I decided to focus on service in the community. Some might find it boring or even too much after the initial minimum of twenty five hours of community service required each year at Seton, but not me. When I completed my service hours for my first three years of high school, I just did them to get it over with and out of the way. However, during my last year of high school, I realized how much more I could have gotten out of service hours.

So for my Senior Project, I decided to do more service and volunteer at the Senior Link. The Senior Link is a program that helps people ages 55 and older with chronic care needs to stay healthy and independent as long as possible. This is a unique program that provides the participants with medical and social services that are delivered in their homes and the day health center. It is a program that changes the lives of others and leaves a positive impact on their lives forever.

Zettie Williams is a living example of a person who has been helped by Senior Link. Williams has been a participant at the Senior Link since June 2011 and she has a remarkable story. While working at Cincinnati State, Williams suffered from a sever stroke on November 1, 2004 . She couldn’t walk, talk, or do anything after her stroke. Before this Williams also lost her son in October of 2009. The Senior Link has taught her to never give up and that has gotten her very far. She can now walk, talk, and do anything that she could before her stroke. Williams loves to share her story because she wants to inspire others to keep on going. It made me realize that if someone can have such a positive outlook on life after all these things happened to her then I could too.

William’s story really inspired me. Hearing it made me realize that my choice to volunteer at the Senior Link was the perfect one for me, because I knew I would get a lot out of the experience, and I was right. At Senior Link, I worked with people who have Alzheimer’s, dementia and diabetes.  I helped people who are partially blind partially deaf, and those who have a hard time talking. I participated in activities with them throughout the day like bingo and Wii.  I also helped them with arts and crafts such as ceramics, painting, and drawing. The smiles on their faces while doing something as small as playing a game or doing a craft project made me realize that if these people who have a lot bigger problems than myself can be happy, then so can I. Volunteering at the Senior Link has really changed my whole outlook and perspective on life and I wouldn’t go back and change this great learning experience for anything. I plan to continue volunteering at the Senior Link in the future because it was such a great learning experience for me.

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