Sophomore Lenten Challenge

Sophomore Lenten Challenge

By Rachel Richter


On Ash Wednesday, Father Jim Walsh’s homily during our all-school Mass inspired sophomores in Mr. Green’s church history to come up with a unique Lenten challenge.  The sophomores came up with an idea which they have called The Charity Bowl.

As a class, they each decided to give up candy for Lent and put the money they would normally spend on candy into a bowl, hence The Charity Bowl.  Initially hoping to raise about $100-$200, they will soon be totaling up their amount of donations.  In the upcoming days, they will also be voting on a charity to which they will donate the money.

Mr. Green has been extremely excited about the idea throughout Lent, and he can’t wait to see how much money the class was able to raise.  “The Charity Bowl was the brainchild of the students.  The sophomores felt personally challenged by Father Walsh,” said Green. “When he asked us to sacrifice, not just for the sake of sacrifice, but to give something back to the LORD, the students responded to the call.”

Sophomore Emma Stock feels it has been a blessing to see the bowl become fuller over the weeks of Lent.  She explains, “Watching the money from each class add up every day really puts in perspective how such a small act can make a difference.  I am excited for our class to choose which charity we are going to donate the money to!”

Sophomore Mackenzie Beiersdorfer shares Stock’s enthusiasm.  She says, “Giving something up for Lent is such a simple way for me to experience making sacrifices, just as Christ did for us.  By donating the money we save to charity we are not making sacrifices for the simple sake of making sacrifices, but doing it to benefit others in the spirit of Lent.”

It is the students’ enthusiasm which truly inspires and impresses Green.  He even has high hopes for the sophomores to inspire the school with their actions.  “By sacrificing candy for forty days, we can raise a little money for a great charity,” he said. “This act draws us all closer to Jesus not only in our prayers, but also in social action.  It is something small, but something worth doing.  Who knows where this ‘mustard seed’ might lead?”

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