StrongHER Positive Week

StrongHER Positive Week

By Olivia Wall


Beginning on Monday, April 23 and ending on Friday, May 2, the Seton High School StrongHER club has celebrated Positive Week. Every day the club had a different activity planned. The week was kicked off with a Mirrorless Monday and the mirrors will stay covered all week. Tuesday the club had fresh baked cookies for the entire school, Wednesday everyone received stickers, Thursday the club had post-it notes with positive messages on every student’s desk in first bell, and Friday students received another sticker. The week concluded with a speaker form the #besomebody movement.

When asked why StrongHER club puts on Positive Week, Senior Katelyn Walter, StrongHER club president, said “Along with the end of the school year comes a lot of stress. For example, the seniors have a lot to do with their senior project and also deciding on a college. All of the underclassman are entering crunch time to keep their grades up and stay focused on school. Positive week is meant to just lighten up everyone’s spirit at school and hopefully give students a little boost as they embark on their final weeks of the 2013-2014 school year.”


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