Student Learns New Culture for Senior Project

Student Learns New Culture for Senior Project

By Jessica Wuebbolt

On Wednesday April 23, Senior Sarah Kammer displayed information and artifacts from and about Korea in the library as part of her senior project. Kammer’s senior project was to learn Koran and South Korean culture. Her exhibit included South Korean food for everyone to try prepared by herself. One of the most popular foods among the students was called pepero which was pretzels covered in chocolate.  Kammer also displayed Korean clothing. The clothes were for special occasions, such as the Lunar New Year.  The purpose of Korean Day was for Kammer to display her knowledge that she has gained from her senior project and to share it with the Seton community.

Kammer decided she wanted to immerse herself into Korean culture when she found her love for Kpop, which is Korean pop. An aspect of her senior project has been to learn the Korean language. Kammer says, “Learning the language has been the hardest part. Korean is written with characters, so it has been difficult to get used to that. So far I have taken Korean language lessons, been to several Korean restaurants, and researched a lot about the country. She has also been gaining insight from a Korean penpal. When asked what her favorite thing about her senior project was she replied, “My favorite thing is simply the fact I am doing something I love. This project hasn’t felt like work to me, because I have enjoyed every moment of the project. “

Sarah Kammer’s advice for next year’s seniors is to really take your time with your project. She says, “Do something you know you will like and continuous work toward, otherwise the project will become mentally and physically exhausting before the end of the year.”

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