Shanty Town


By Ally Kampel


On Sunday, April 27, eight students participated in Shantytown.  The participants included juniors, Maria DiTullio, Melissa Henry, Sammy Kingdom, sophomores, Erica Bock, Laura Clark, Sarah Sunderman, and freshman, Olivia Burns and Rose Davis. Shantytown is an experience for students to understand and empathize with the life of a homeless person.  Students brought in a box and a blanket to Seton’s courtyard and slept outside in their box.  Sammy Kingdom shares, “Before coming to Seton that day, I broke down 8 boxes and then proceeded to make a shelter with them when I arrived.”  The evening included, there are prayer services, movies, and speakers all discussing the life and struggles of a homeless person.  Before participants went to bed, they shared a small soup dinner.   Kingdom continues, “Around10pm we had a small prayer service that each of us took part in and it was very meaningful and a perfect way to end our time inside and venture out to our boxes. I can honestly say that it was the longest night of my life but it was also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ones.” The students prayed for the well-being of homeless people and learned about the difficulties the homeless face every day.  Coordinator Sister Sandy explained, “Even though it was a small group of student, it was a very valuable experience.”  Previous years, the event has taken place in the fall, but this year it took place in the spring in order to coincide with social justice classes.  Next year, it will take place in the fall.  Kingdom reflects on the day, “Besides sleeping in the box that night, the second hardest part of the experience was completing that day of school. The whole experience really made me appreciate what I have. When I went to go to sleep that night in my own bed, I can truly say that I have never been more thankful for my bed and the things that we take for granted each and every day.”

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