Be Somebody

Be Somebody

By Molly Kraisinger


StrongHER club hosted a presentation on Friday, May 2. The speakers were from an organization called “Be Somebody”.  The founder of the movement is Kash Shaikh. He previously worked at P&G as a leading marketer.  He was earning a generous salary, traveling, and living the high life. He even met Kim Kardashian and had a picture of her displayed on the projector in the auditorium.

Kash walked out and opened with a piece of writing he had published on his blog. He started out saying, “I’m calling all of you out,” he continued,”believers with no balls. If we rather choose failure then a chance at success, were losers anyways. Winning is going for it.”

Kash explained how after his success at P&G and his continued success at GoPro, he gave it all up. He has spoken from Africa to Arizona. Fourty-four different countries in total in the past two years.  It was his first time speaking at school in Cincinnati, and his first time at an all-girl school, so Seton was honored.

He explained how Be Somebody started because of a breakup. Kash was sad and went to take some time for himself. He said, “There is something about world exploration that leads to self-discovery.” He started the Be Somebody blog.  He started using the #besomebody on his tweets of his worldly travel.  He also wrote about his experiences and raw emotions he was feeling while traveling. He was still working at P&G, but decided to leave and start up with a tiny company of GoPro and helped build it into a company valued in the billions. He was making more money than he had ever made. Everyone’s so called dream life he explained, “But something was missing. I felt heavy.”

Everything changed for Kash when he received a Facebook post from a man in Boston thanking him.  The man explained that because of Kash’s post, ‘Price of a Dream’, on his Be Somebody blog he was changed. The man said,” I read your post this morning and I felt different. I quit my job and I’m going to go follow my passion and become a photographer.”

Then Kash realized, “I’ve been telling people to go be somebody. To go all in on your passion and I’m not even doing it.” Kash then decided to give up everything. He quit his job at GoPro, took all his money and went all in on Be Somebody.

Kash then talked about his journey to discovering himself and his journey to following his passion. Passion is overused and how none of us really go all in. He told us, “There is nothing bigger than your personal passion.” Once you discover your passion there is the cliff. Kash described to us that all of us are at the top of the cliff and our dreams are at the bottom. “The hardest thing is to throw yourself off,” he explained, and “that most people spend their whole life standing on the edge of the cliff.” After jumping the cliff there is a cave. Your cave is the real you, the inside where all your insecurities hide. Kash said, “All of us have a deep dark cave in the center of our souls. When you love yourself you accept those things and move forward.” Next on the journey is the path. The path starts off with sacrifice, then struggle, then suffering. After all that you will succeed. “On this path I realized the suffering is hard, most people stop at the suffering because they don’t know they are one step away to success.” Kash continued, “Irony is you need to be selfish. The most selfless thing you can do for the world is to do what you love.”

Kash explained the main focus to success is centered on passion and focused on people. He talked about how when he was at P&G and GoPro he had unlimited ‘friends’.  But once he went all in on his dreams they weren’t there anymore.  Kash says, “You don’t need a lot of people you just need the right people.”

The last step to your passion is the bridge.  He explained that you must burn it as you cross it. Once you are in on chasing your dreams you should be all in. Kash said, “If there is a plan B you will never execute plan A.”

Kash then introduced his friend Clay, a friend who worked with him at P&G for 10 years.  Clay talked about his own about his own personal experience with ‘Be Somebody’.  A few years ago he was diagnosed with clinical depression. Nothing was right in his life, with his family or himself. During those six months his fathering lacked. One day it hit him and he wanted to change that. He looked for tips how to be a good father and couldn’t find anything. He decided he wanted to write a book about raising girls. He decided to quit P&G saying, “There were more important things I wanted to get done than work there.” He started writing a book. He loved it and was wrapped up in his passion. He asked 85 people if they would write a letter to their dad. He received letters from women from age 18 to 65 years old. Each person wrote about their unique relationship with their dad. Clay brought a copy of his book, Shoebox Letters, for us to have.  Clay then said, “I’m going to tell you the most important thing I tell people.  If you find your passion, nobody in this room can be stopped at anything unless you let it happen. You guys can do anything you want.” He encouraged us to find our passion and share it with the world.

The presentation ended with Kash back on stage. He asked three people to come up on stage and talk about what their passion is and what they are willing to do for it.

Junior Greta Busche said, “My passion is fashion design and I’m willing to sacrifice uh…. Anything!”

“Why?” Kashe asked.

“I just really love clothes and my mom taught me how to sew. It’s everything I care about. It’s really fun,” Busche replied.

Senior Ellie Hahn announced, “My passion is all things animals. I hope to have my own animal shelter and help injured animals.” The students cheered.

Sophomore Mya Pickett explained, “My passion is helping people. I want to go to school for pathology. Giving comfort to people is probably the best feeling.”

Kash’s final words to the students were, “If you don’t know your passion keep searching for it.”

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