Dancing Divas Rock Seton’s Stage

Dancing Divas Rock Seton’s Stage

By Abby Rollinger

“I actually had a completely different plan in the beginning for my project,” says Seton senior, Megan Kelly, while describing the final outcome of her senior project. However, anyone present in the audience during the adorable performance she put on April 15 would never have been able to guess she faced any complications. In the performance, mentally handicap women danced to a choreographed routine that Kelly taught them and in the process won the hearts of every Seton student that was lucky enough to see them rock the stage.

Kelly sparked the idea for her project last year while doing philanthropy work for her Social Justice class. “I was able to win $1,000 dollars for Catholic Residential Services. Through that I realized that making people happy is something I truly love to do,” explains Kelly. “I love making people happy and I love dance, and I knew my project had to involve the two.” After figuring out what she wanted her project to be, Kelly then had to put her idea into action. “The first half of the routine was a routine Katarina Gay, a graduate of 2013, choreographed for them. They love performing that routine and with the short amount of time I had, I knew I couldn’t teach them an entirely new one,” reveals Kelly. “The second half, I did choreograph.” Part two of the performance featured members of Seton’s dance team partnered up with the women. With the help of fellow senior and dance teammate, Sam Monahan, Kelly developed a dance that was not only well done, but well executed by the lovely ladies who she taught it to. According to Kelly, the group practiced once a week for only two months, proving that practice really does make perfect!

Besides what will no doubt be an ‘A’ on her project, Kelly gained personally from the experience as well. “I gained patience, organization but most of all I gained confidence and thankfulness,” says Kelly. “Through watching them overcome the disabilities that stand in their way, I realize I can overcome any obstacle in my way, and I am so thankful and blessed to be healthy and to be able to share what I love which is dance with others.”

Going off that thankfulness, Kelly also mentions how much the support she received from Seton’s student body before and after the performances meant not only to her, but to her group as well. “I just want to thank the school for welcoming them with the cheering and clapping. They were super nervous and the positivity coming from the students and staff definitely helped them feel comfortable. I don’t think you realize how much that impacted them. They felt like stars and I can’t thank you enough for that.” I think I can speak for all of Seton when I say that it was our pleasure, Megan.

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