Mrs. Childers AP Treats

Mrs. Childers AP Treats

By Molly Kraisinger


The sound of pencils being sharpened to a point, the panicked chatter of numbers, and the smell of donuts and bagels… Mrs. Childers believes in a strong preparation for her AP AB and BC math courses. But she also believes in brain food to fuel her students.

It’s been proven that people who eat a good breakfast and don’t have an empty stomach will test to their maximum ability. On Wednesday, May 7, the AP math exams were held in the morning.  The AB Calculus was held in the old gym, while the students in BC Calculus went to the guidance room.

Mrs. Childers earlier in the week asked her students what they wanted for breakfast during the testing break. Like previous years, she suggested bagels and donuts. She asked for any suggestions, and senior Susan Nussman in BC Calculus class said, “I would like chocolate milk!” A fellow classmate Molly Brauch said, “I hate milk. Please bring in some orange juice.”

On Wednesday morning, Mrs. Childer’s had stalked the fridges and set out all the breakfast goodies on tables in both the testing rooms. After the first half of the AP tests were administered, students were able to take a potty break and feast on the tasty treats. AB Calculus student Allie Luebbering said, “The donuts were awesome. I was stressing all morning and they lightened my mood.”

Kendall Cappel added, “The donuts were a great snack for mid test break. After concentrating for so long, the donuts were awesome to refuel and refocus. Thank you Mrs. Childers!” Mrs. Childers not only filled her students with the knowledge to score high on their AP test but filled their stomachs with brain food.

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