Seton Softball: Finding a Way

Seton Softball: Finding a Way

Alyssa Lyons


As the Saints softball season comes to a close, for junior Abby Lamping the season is just beginning. On March 22, 2014during a round of scrimmages, Lamping rounded third and went for home. Touching home plate, her foot hit the dirt faster than she did, breaking her fibula and rupturing her deltoid ankle.

Following the accident, Lamping had surgery to repair the broken bones three days later. She had a total of five screws put in; two of these screws will eventually be taken out. When asked about the injury, Lamping said, “This is just a hiccup in my road to becoming the player I need to be. Although its hard news, I am on the path to recovery.”

Lamping started playing softball as early as she can remember. She began pitching full wind-up in fourth grade. “Softball has provided so many opportunities for me as an athlete, this is truly my favorite thing to do,” she said.

Coming off surgery, Lamping had a hard time dealing with her ankle, she was not able to pitch or hit. After many discussions on how to allow her to pitch without the use of the ankle, Lamping and her dad found a solution.  Lamping now sets her knee on a bucket, pitching full wind-up to practice for next season. Lamping is set to return to the varsity team to play summer league in July.


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