Junk to Dresses

Junk to Dresses

By Abby Rollinger



Every year, Seton’s art department holds a Junk Fashion Show. This year’s mini pageant occurred during the annual Art Show on Friday, May 2. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the fashion show, students act like Cinderella’s fairy godmother and essentially turn what others see as junk into gorgeous gowns.

The contestants this year included Greta Busche, duo Erica Bock and Jenny Kathman, trio Anna McGowan, Christine Anneken, and Sam Smith,  and sisters Katie and Caroline Kahny. The material the girls made their outfits out of ranged from actual cloth to toilet paper, all turning out just as fabulous as the next.

Junior, Greta Busche, has participated in the Junk Fashion Show for the third time this year, creating and modeling a piece completely on her own. “My freshman year I made a dress out of newspaper and my sophomore year I made a dress out of pop tabs,” recalls Busche. “(This year) I made my dress out of fabric. It was my dress from the Christmas dance actually,” explains Busche. “I didn’t have time to make a dress specifically for the fashion show this year because I was busy making my dress for prom and working on school work.” When asked how long it took Busche to make her masterpiece, she said a grand total of five days- FIVE DAYS. While this may seem like an impossible feat to the average Joe, for Busche, an AP Art III student, it must have been a breeze. “I love the way my dress turned out” exclaims Busche, “it’s my pride and joy!”

When it comes down to it, the Junk Fashion Show is simply a fun way of turning something most view as trash into a priceless piece of work. Just like rags to riches, Seton’s Junk Fashion Show turns junk to dresses.

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