Adopt a Class Fieldtrip to the Children’s Museum

Adopt a Class Fieldtrip to the Children’s Museum

By Kaylie Brown

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On Tuesday April 29, Seton students including Sr. Mary Dolores Latin class, Mrs. Corey’s Spanish II class, Mrs. Hollenbach’s senior English class, and Mrs. Jett’s science classes to the Union Terminal Museum with their little buddies from Holy Family. This was the third time Seton got together with their Adopt a Class buddies this year and the first time they got to go outside of a classroom to learn. During the fieldtrip, students explored the children’s section of the museum with their buddies and played with them in all of the different sections of the museum. Some of the sections of the children’s museum include the woods jungle gym, the Ohio River water section, animal fossils, and miniature markets, vets, and house setups to play in.  Not only did the Holy Family children have a good time, but the Seton Students as well; senior Becca Fisher said, “”It was really fun for me to see how excited the little kids were and i got to relive my childhood a little bit which was cool.” In the end, the all left with smiles on their faces and it was a successful fieldtrip.


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