Senior Week

Senior Week

By Taylor Morano


It has been a tradition here at Seton High School for each class of seniors to participate in Senior Week. This week not only features a theme for each day, but is the last full week for the class of 2014 seniors and a last chance for them to go all out.  Themes ranged anywhere from Greek to Geek, to senior citizens.

On Monday the theme was college day. Seniors wore spirit wear or the colors of their future college. The most popular color seemed to be red for The University of Cincinnati, Miami, and Ohio State.  Senior Monica Lepper says, “It was really cool to see all the different colors and where everyone plans to attend in their future.”  On Tuesday the theme was Greek or Geek. Some students came to school dressed as a geek wearing things like glasses and suspenders. Others chose to dress Greek. These students wore togas.

On Wednesday the theme was “senior” citizen’s day. Most seniors went all out for this theme and seemed to really enjoy it. Students came to school wearing granny clothes, like nightgowns and slippers. Some even brought in canes and walkers. Senior Mckenzie Downey says, “This was my favorite theme because everyone looked so funny.” Thursday the theme was senior skip day. No one was actually allowed to skip school, but everyone came to school dressed all in black and skipped through the hallways. On Friday the theme was Senior Trip. Students donned their beach attire including swim suits, sunglasses, swimmies, floaties, grass skirts, and lays. Senior Megan Kelly says, “I have looked forward to this week since I was a freshman and it was definitely one that I will remember.”

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