Women of the Week: It Doesn’t End Here

Women of the Week: It Doesn’t End Here

By Marcy Driehaus


As my senior year comes to a close, I’ve had time to reflect on the things that have been most beneficial to me here at Seton in terms of my education. I can comfortably say that at this point in my academic journey, my Woman of the Week column has been a pivotal aspect of my educational pursuits. It has taught me a vast amount about myself and my own goals, the amazing things women are doing, and how far we have to go in terms of equality.

It’s so important not only to me, but for the good of our world, that remarkable women (such as the ones that have been written about in this column) are covered, honored, and paid tribute to through all media outlets. All too often a woman’s accomplishments go unnoticed and are swept away in a flurry of male dominance. We’re told as a society that a woman’s feat is only half as impressive as a man’s. It’s essential for that to change.

As women, we have to support each other. It’s common for women to be pitted against each other so that we view one another solely as sources of competition. Understanding how toxic that is to the women’s movement is the first step in changing it. We have to embrace each other and support each other and commend each other for the beautiful things we are doing. If women aren’t standing up for each other, then who will stand up for us at all?

Take a stand, ladies. Whether it’s through your own accomplishments or by supporting fellow women and their accomplishments, never back down. Talk about them. Write about them. Honor them. Look to them as sources of hope and motivation. Learn and grow from them. With the strength they give you, become your own hero so that you too can be an inspiration to girls and women everywhere.

In the fall, I will further my studies at the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Though I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to study in such a reputable program (ranked in the top 10 best journalism schools in the nation), what I am most excited about is continuing to make my voice heard through my journalistic efforts. I hope to bring the concept of my Woman of the Week column with me to OU and continue to recognize the sensational things that women around the world are doing. That’s how I plan to do my part, how will you do yours?

One thought on “Women of the Week: It Doesn’t End Here”

  1. Be the change Marcy Driehaus!!! Loved your column, every single one throughout the year. Look forward to your continued success.

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