We Love You Mr. Brauch!

We Love You Mr. Brauch!

By Rachel Richter


It is difficult to write about Mr. Brauch because I know that nothing I or anybody can say about him will ever be able to do him justice.  As a role model, an inspiration, a confidant, and a teacher, Mr. Brauch hits the nail on the head for every role he plays.  When I think of Mr. Brauch, my brain is flooded with an overflow of good things, memories, and happy thoughts regarding him and the impact he made on my life and the many lives of others.  Mr. Brauch is a wonderful person, and I don’t know where to begin when it comes to thanking him.

So many Seton students describe Mr. Brauch as their favorite teacher ever, and for good reason.  He is an exceptional teacher to all grade levels, with a true gift of sharing knowledge.  Mr. Brauch is an expert in a variety of fields of math, which is very impressive.  However, what is even more remarkable is his great ability to convey the material to students in an understandable way.  He is excellent at teaching the specifics of the material as well as putting everything together and conveying the big picture.  Additionally, when his students struggle with particular subject matters, Mr. Brauch will go into great detail, taking as long as necessary, until he makes sure his students have learned.  Actively encouraging questions and class participation, he likes to make sure the material is well covered.  He does whatever it takes, from providing students with a multitude of study resources to spending time after hours, to assist students and help them in every way that he can.

One of the reasons he is so great at what he does is that he loves what he does.  In fact, perhaps the single most important reason for his success as a teacher is his love of teaching.  The obvious fact of the matter is that Mr. Brauch has a genuine, evident, and inspiring enthusiasm for teaching.  He makes it known on a daily basis that he enjoys what he does and he is eager to continue.  Students truly appreciate his excitement because it makes class more fun and engaging.  More importantly, Mr. Brauch’s enthusiasm is contagious and gives students a sense of excitement to learn.  Over his many years at Seton, he has successfully coined the phrase, “Make it a great day!”  This saying which he incorporates at the end of every class, at the end of his emails, and into daily conversation encompasses who he is and his charm.  At his core, Mr. Brauch is a genuinely good person who just wants the best for everybody he meets.  He makes the best of every situation, always making it a great day and encouraging others to do the same. He truly makes the most out of life, living each day to the fullest with refreshing optimism and joy.  Mr. Brauch’s “make it a great day” attitude proves that a positive mindset can make all the difference, and it seems as if nothing can get him down.  Mr. Brauch is unstoppable, and I don’t think anybody would disagree that with his winning attitude, he can accomplish anything.

He is also a wonderful advocate for the importance of hard work.  He has coined another phrase which he encourages students with before every test and quiz.  He says, “I’d like to wish you good luck, but luck is where preparation meets opportunity, and this is your opportunity.”  By repeating his well-known phrases so frequently, his words make a permanent imprint in the minds of his students.  Students will always remember his uplifting and inspiring words, and associate them with fond memories of the role model who is Mr. Brauch.

Mr. Brauch is always in the know.  If you ever have questions about school – including the schedule, upcoming events, Seton activities, etc. – Mr. Brauch is the guy you can turn to for lots of answers.  As an active member of the Seton body, Mr. Brauch is very knowledgeable of the current events and you can always count on his information, insight, and advice.  He is very clear and direct with his information, so if something in school is confusing you, you may find great comfort in turning to Mr. Brauch.

Something great about Mr. Brauch is that he loves people.  He loves people, conversing with others, and forming true relationships.  He willingly offers conversation and advice when talking to others, conversing about any range of topics.  You can talk to Mr. Brauch about anything, and you will be thankful you turned to him no matter what.  He will always give you his full attention and he kindly makes you feel like you are important and loved.

What is even more inspiring is that he finds God in everything.  With all the imperfections of life, Mr. Brauch is able to make it a great day through his faith in God.  He recently gave a personal testimony to the entire school about his journey with his success on the Price is Right.  Causing many girls to tear, he turned his already-extraordinary story into one of inspiration as well.  His faith and his love of life set a wonderful example for everyone, and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t look up to him with admiration.  He truly deserves his success on the Price is Right, and the Double Showcase could not have gone to a more deserving, loving, and beautiful individual at heart.

The students at Seton adore Mr. Brauch:

“My first class with Mr. Brauch was the 8th grade algebra class every morning before school. From day one his steadfast dedication to his students was evident, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have a teacher who has taught me so much while preparing me for what comes after high school. I will be sure to take the phrase ‘luck is where preparation meets opportunity’ as I take on future endeavors!”

-Senior Kelley Kraemer

“Mr. Brauch has made an impact in my life by not only being a great teacher but caring and having conversations about outside of school (like sports or college).  He genuinely cares about learning that takes place in the classroom and he makes it fun and enjoyable!  Another thing is his interest in our successes inside and outside of school.  He does whatever it takes to help us succeed in all aspects of life.”

-Senior Chelsea Zang

“Mr. Brauch is one of the best teachers here at Seton.  He is always so awake and obviously passionate about his job and really helping his students understand his subjects.  I admire his love for his job.”

-Senior Catherine Tuttle

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