We Love You Mrs. Childers!

We Love You Mrs. Childers!

By Rachel Richter


Mrs. Childers is known for her enthusiasm for learning, warm personality, and genuine care and concern for her students.  Not only does she love teaching, but she is great at it too.  As a result, students not only enjoy her classes, but also learn a lot of great information from her.  She seems to have mastered a perfect balance in teaching by incorporating the fun of learning in an engaging and beneficial way.

Something that we really appreciate as students is Mrs. Childers’s organization.  As a teacher, she has really great organizational skills when it comes to the schedule for the year, homework assignments, quizzes and tests.  She starts off each class with a typed agenda for the day.  This gives students a sense of comfort and understanding because we know what to expect and class is less overwhelming.  This really does make a world of difference, especially for those students who get anxious from class workloads.  Additionally, her extremely organized Sharepoint site is very easy to understand and helpful to students.  Even though she teaches some complicated subject matters, she makes her classes as easy as possible by taking the complication out of things like Sharepoint.  She does everything she can to help her students and allow us to grow.

Perhaps Mrs. Childers’s most impressive organization skill is her organized schedule for the year.  She is very meticulous to make sure to allow her students enough time to learn all the material before the AP test.  She plans her lessons perfectly, day by day, so that we learn the material both thoroughly and in the right amount of time.  It is really nice of her to take the extra time to make sure we are well prepared and knowledgeable after taking her classes.  She is wonderful at preparing her students for their AP tests, and her students’ scores prove it.

In many ways, Mrs. Childers incorporates unique techniques into her daily classes.  For example, Mrs. Childers stresses the importance of peer collaboration.  Rather than constantly lecturing her lessons, she likes her students to talk to one another and work problems out on their own.  By simultaneously teaching her students and allowing time for problem solving, she finds a wonderful balance in her classes.

Mrs. Childers is always so compassionate and loving.  She loves her students, and she wants us to do our best.  Her selflessness makes her a wonderful role model, and we all look up to her on a number of levels.  The fact that she is always willing to help says a lot about her as a teacher and as a person.  Even when she is busy, Mrs. Childers takes the time to answer students’ questions and help those who need her assistance.  She makes it known that she is available after school hours to assist students, which is something many of us appreciate very much.  I am very grateful for the multitude of help she provides both inside and outside of class time.

One of her most admirable qualities is her understanding nature.  Mrs. Childers makes an effort to understand her students if they are struggling.  If anyone needs more time on a homework assignment or learning a particular subject matter, she can be very flexible.  Also, if something comes up in a student’s life such as sports or illness, Mrs. Childers is nice enough to be very understanding when it comes to getting schoolwork done.  She realizes that everybody has bad days sometimes, and she does not hold it against you.  Mrs. Childers’s students truly appreciate her and all that she does for us.  Learning math would be much more difficult without her help, and for that her students are truly grateful.

She is also very funny and down to earth.  Her wonderful sense of humor makes it very easy for students to relate to her and be close to her.  Never taking herself too seriously, Mrs. Childers is great at slipping in funny comments and jokes into her conversation.  Even though we may not always show our appreciation for her humor, so many of her students love her because of how funny she is.  Her students are grateful for the ray of light Mrs. Childers provides during the stress of school.  She never fails to brighten my day, and I look forward to her class on a daily basis just to see her comforting smile.

You can often find Mrs. Childers supporting our teams at various Seton sporting events.  At different times throughout the year, Mrs. Childers will be in the cheering sections of different Seton sports teams.  It always puts a smile on my face to see her supporting her students even outside of school.  Student athletes really appreciate her support as well.

Finally, Mrs. Childers truly cares about her students and that they learn her material.  She has taught us that school, and life, are not about being perfect.  It is about working hard to better yourself.  Rather than striving to earn a particular grade, Mrs. Childers teaches her students that it is more important to strive to learn.

The students at Seton adore Mrs. Childers:

“I can honestly say Mrs. Childers is one of my favorite teachers.  She is constantly encouraging her students to learn, but can also have fun in the classroom.  She works with you until you understand a problem and her kindness and persistence is what makes her an excellent teacher.”

-Junior Megan Groll

“I have had Mrs. Childers as a teacher for my junior and senior years and she has been one of my favorite teachers.  She is always willing to help if you need it and her main goal is to make her students successful.  She’s also a great role model for the students to look up to.  I’m going to miss her next year when I go off to college but I definitely plan on coming back and visiting her especially.”

-Senior Cayla Schmitt

“Mrs. Childers is a great teacher! She is constantly making sure her students understand the material as well as apply the material to real life situations. I believe Mrs. Childers has helped prepare me to be a better student as I try to solve problems on my own. I want to thank her for always being willing to help me when I struggle with homework and concepts. I will miss her next year!”

-Senior Allison Bailey

“Mrs. Childers has helped me to learn that school is more than just a grade, it is a chance to grow as individuals. She truly cares about her students and has been such a great teacher to me in the past three years.”

-Senior Olivia Wetsch

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