We Love You Mrs. Metz!

We Love You Mrs. Metz!

By Rachel Richter


Mrs. Metz has one of the biggest and kindest hearts of anyone I know.  She has such a sweet and kind nature about her that I think it is impossible to dislike her.  I have heard nothing but good things and opinions about her, and I think everyone would agree that she is a nice, thoughtful, and supportive teacher.

As an art teacher, Mrs. Metz is expected to have basic art and creativity skills.  However, Mrs. Metz goes above and beyond and exceeds all expectations with her artistic talent and her creativity.  She is always coming up with new and exciting projects for her students, and she makes sure that her students get the best experience she can give them.  She goes to great lengths, from bringing in objects to bringing in a living human being for her students to draw!  She provides her students with both adequate information and supplies so that everyone has the opportunity to successfully convey their creativity and to discover themselves in art.  She encourages her students to work with a variety of different subject matters, from pencil to magazine collages.  Constantly pushing her students to better themselves, Mrs. Metz is a wonderful teacher who truly wants the best for those she teaches.

What makes her teaching even more captivating is her enthusiasm.  With her colorful personality, it is easy to tell that Mrs. Metz has a genuine enthusiasm and passion for art.  This shines through in her teaching and inspires her students to strive for greatness.  Her classes are very enjoyable, relaxing, and for many she provides an escape for students in the middle of the hectic school day.  Mrs. Metz helps students discover their passion, and so many girls are grateful to her for inspiring, teaching, and pushing them to reach their goals.  The fact that so many Seton graduates study art at the University of Cincinnati’s prestigious DAAP program proves how successful Mrs. Metz is as a teacher.  Without Mrs. Metz, so many girls would not be where they are today.

Students love her genuine support and open-mindedness.  An individual’s artwork is a very personal thing and artists are very attached to their work.  Mrs. Metz is aware and cautious when it comes to this and takes special care to make sure she does not accidentally insult students’ work.  She somehow manages to provide the perfect amount of constructive criticism while avoiding hurt feelings.  She is very supportive of her students’ artistic choices while simultaneously offering helpful suggestions and advice.  She is also very open-minded when it comes to artwork, and she encourages her students to try new things.  She never discourages or puts down any of her students, and she is always open to her students’ suggestions and ideas.

The students at Seton adore Mrs. Metz:

“Mrs. Metz has impacted my life on all levels. She is a great teacher, an excellent role model, and an even better friend. She just connects with her students on a personal level as well as a professional level. She has kept my will to do art through my four years at Seton, even when I didn’t feel like doing it.”

-Senior Kaitlyn Bredestege

“Mrs. Metz is extremely supportive and understanding. I’ve had her as an art teacher for the past three years, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed art as much as I did if I didn’t have her as a teacher. She makes work fun!”

-Senior Christine Anneken

“Mrs. Metz has helped me develop my creativity into something concrete. I am thankful for her time she gives up to help all the Seton art students achieve their ideas. I will miss her and the rest of the art department most after I graduate. Thank you Mrs. Metz!”

-Senior Anna McGowan

“Mrs. Metz has impacted my life by being there for the art students 24/7. With having kids and all the obstacles she’s dealt with at school this year, it’s really amazing how much she is able to help us. I’m thankful for her to be my teacher because she goes above her job and really helps every one of her students whenever they need it.”

-Senior Elora Tonnis

“Mrs. Metz has impacted my life substantially. Without her, I do not think I would be the artist I am today. She has helped me improve from freshman year to now and I am so thankful for everything she has done for me these 4 years. I could not have asked for a better Art teacher.”

-Senior Lauren Lind

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