A Note to All Juniors

A Note to All Juniors

By Alissa Allison


When the seniors graduate the juniors will be seniors, the heads of the school. Although it may seem impossible, preparing for senior year can be done. First off, don’t procrastinate. It is never too early to start looking at colleges or preparing for the ACT. Visiting colleges and narrowing your choices down will help when the final decision has to be made at the end of your senior year. Not procrastinating also applies to school work. Senioritis hits the first week of school for some students, and when you leave all your work for the last minute, it’s nearly impossible to actually find the motivation to do it. Don’t slack off; Colleges are still looking at GPA and grades. Finish high school on a high note. Stay involved in school functions and engage yourself in service opportunities. With so many other things going on, be smart when picking classes and make sure you don’t overload yourself. Whatever it takes, keep pushing through the senioritis. Teachers are aware of the mentality of most students, but this doesn’t mean they are going to stop teaching. Don´t let any of this scare you. Senior year is a great and fun year! Next year will be the last months in the halls of Seton High, enjoy them.


Senior Project is known to be the most dreaded project of Seton High School. The trick is to think about this before senior year starts and try to get an idea of what you would like to do. Be realistic on what you can do. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT  PROCRASTINATE. Progressively do field work throughout the year if possible, and don’t wait for the last month. One of the hardest parts is the research paper and you get plenty of help from teachers and time in class to complete the task. Just a tip: bring your headphones if music helps you work; there is a lot of time to work independently in all classes. Once you find out who your mentor is, make sure to establish a good relationship and use them as a resource. Most importantly, stay organized and be responsible.  Keep a positive attitude and have fun while working.


Overall, senior year is a lot of fun.  Senior week, exemptions from exams, leaving school earlier, and all the other perks of being a senior make senior year great. The last quarter of school flies by. The whole year flies by. Take advantage of the last year in high school. College, or whatever future plans are being made are right around the corner and soon high school will be a thing of the past. Don’t sweat the little things. There will be times of extreme stress and probably a mental break down or two, but who hasn’t already experienced one of those? Wishing the last months away is common, but when it starts to dwindle to just a couple weeks left, the reality of it all becomes very surreal. When you hear people say high school breezes by, they aren’t kidding. The best advice to give is to make the best out of senior year and work towards the goals of the future.


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