Katie Lehan’s Senior Reflection

Senior Reflection

By Katie Lehan


People have told me time and time again that your four years of high school fly by, but you don’t really feel it or fully understand what they mean until you experience it for yourself.  I feel (and look) like I should still be a freshman at Seton ;still unsure of what the future holds for me and a little bit nervous to grow up and go off to college in a few years.  Some people say that they hated their high school experience, but I am fortunate enough to say that I have loved it and am thankful that it has effectively prepared me for not only college, but the real world as well.

Although I did not play any sports during my four years at Seton, I can honestly say that I only regret it slightly.  Not playing sports allowed me to devote all of my time to my school work and my involvement in school clubs.  I figured that since I wasn’t planning on playing sports in college that it would be pointless to spend so much time on something and have my grades suffer as a result.  Looking back at my grades throughout my years, I am proud of the GPA status I have maintained and feel that I deserve to be in top percentage of my class.  I know that the study habits I have developed at Seton will carry with me into college and in the field I am pursuing.

Yes grades are important when deciding and determining your future, but I think the most important thing I have gained from Seton has been the people I have been blessed to meet and the social skills I have developed.  When I transitioned into high school, my whole group of friends completely changed, aside from my best friend that switched groups with me.  At the time I felt as if I had been abandoned by my grade school friends, but as time went on I learned and came to understand that the friends I now call my best friends are the ones that I was supposed to have.  I am still very good friends with a lot of the girls I hung out with in grade school and it goes to show that it is possible to maintain those relationships although they were once hindered by the move into Seton.  In addition to friends, I have been extremely fortunate to have had met and been taught by the staff at Seton.  Without some of my teachers and staff members I would not be nearly as ready for college as I am now.  The dedication they have shown towards me in my education and the way I can tell that they truly have wanted me to succeed in everything I do I cannot begin to thank them for.  Their warmth has been overwhelming in the best kind of way and they have no idea the impact they have had on me not only educationally, but mentally and emotionally as well.  To any teachers reading this, I am forever thankful to have had you guys as a part of my life for these four years, and I will carry you guys and your teachings with me into the future!

Next year I will be attending the University of Cincinnati as a nursing major.  I have known that I have wanted to be a nurse ever since 7th grade when I did a report on neonatal nursing.  This field makes the most sense to me because I love babies and just helping people in general.  I also feel that this is a way that I can help people directly and be very hands on; I don’t know I just find the medical field very interesting and inspiring and knowing that I very well may be a part of that one day excites me.

I guess if I have a couple pieces of advice for the girls in the grades below me, it is to take your school work seriously, but to also have fun!  There’s no use in stressing over things that are beyond your control.  As long as you know that you are trying your best to succeed, then your teachers will be proud of you and you should be proud of yourself!  Make sure that you are trying though, blowing off your school work will come back to bite you in the butt your senior year when you are applying to colleges and come to find that you didn’t put forth the effort you knew you were capable of.  Trust me, it will cause a lot of stress and panic; otherwise known as that common word…what is it?  Oh yeah, anxiety!  Also, high school is a time of learning, not only academically but socially and mentally as well.  Learning from your mistakes and failures is a part of life and the sooner you know how to build yourself back up when you fall, the better off you will be in the real world.  Go with your gut when it comes to decisions of right or wrong and hold onto those friends that have your back no matter what. Remember Seton isn’t just a college prep school; it is also a part of your spiritual journey, where you learn a better sense of who you are as a person and who you want to be.

I’m both nervous and excited for what the future holds for me, but in those times of apprehension, I know that Seton has given me everything that I need to thrive in at UC.  Because of my experiences at Seton, I am one step closer at becoming the person that I want to be and have a better idea of how to reach my final goal.  To those at Seton that I am leaving behind, you have all taken part in my growth and I will sincerely miss you all.  Until our first high school reunion, see ya Seton High School!


-Katie Lehan (;

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