Kelly Gallagher’s Senior Farewell

Senior Farewell

By Kelly Gallagher


Dear Freshman Self,

Prepare yourself for some of the best four years of your life. I know how intimidated you might be; only living in Cincinnati for about a year now, but these following years will be one of the most memorable times you will be able to look back on. I wish I could help and guide you through the hallway considering you didn’t know that room 202 would be on the second floor and not the first or third floor, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Also, don’t get too down on yourself when you don’t win homeroom rep freshman year because you’ll eventually make your way onto student council, I promise. Embrace your personality and reach out to all of the new faces you pass in the hallway. Don’t become too attached to your grade school life because they may be holding you back from meeting your future bridesmaids.

Love and respect your teachers, they are there for you and want you to pursue your dreams. Although you currently think that you want to be some sort of doctor, (since Dad convinced Seton to let you be in Honors Biology) you actually will find out that you highly dislike Science by sophomore year. Maybe taking Honors Chemistry wasn’t the best decision. However, I appreciate how motivated and determined you are with your grades. Keep up the good work because it paid off for college.

Cherish every Elder game, bonfire, party, and overall every time you ever spent with your group of friends, because I am already wishing that I could do it all over again. Make sure the people you surround yourself with are always encouraging and supporting people because that’s truly all you need. Take as many pictures as you can, take an obnoxious amount of pictures because you will regret not having them to look back on.

Be silly. Embrace how weird you are and enjoy making the upperclassman laugh when you are an underclassman. Know that you will still remain having a friendship with girls who graduated two years ahead of you and that is because of the impact you left on them even as a sixteen year old.

Get involved. Join as many clubs and try out for as many sports as possible. Although I know you didn’t expect to get cut from basketball, don’t let that discourage you. Getting cut from Seton Basketball might have been the best thing that has ever happened to you because it led you to trying out for a sport you never knew you could be good at, Lacrosse. Treasure every moment you have with your teammates and being uncoordinated at first.

Appreciate every possible living second you can with your family because soon enough what you call home will feel empty. Your brother will be off to college four hours away by your junior year.  Remember to try to be around him as much as you can before he leaves, because trust me, you will miss him so much. Feeling like an only child will become lonely, but remind yourself with how much Mom and Dad love you and that you actually have some of the coolest parents out there.

Kelly, these next four years will be made up of some of the most unforgettable, sometimes regrettable, but mostly incredible time of your life. Remember to never take a second of high school for granted because once you’re out in the real world, you’ll wish you were back in your safe haven of Seton.

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