Leaving Home

Leaving Home

Alyssa Lyons


Home; it’s what we’ve all grown to know, it’s the center of who we are. Home is the definition of what I’ve learned to call Seton High School over my four years. Through my greatest failures, and my greatest triumphs, Seton has been the heart of those moments.

Home is where an awkward smile can lead you to find your best friend-and your best friend becomes your sister. It would be unjust to say that Seton’s heart is at the center of community. As soon as I walked through the glass-filled commons, I could sense the passion each student had for the student body. No one was labeled a freshman (well only if you walked on the left-side of the halls) and no one was labeled “weird” or “different,” we were labeled as a whole, “The Seton Saints.”  I will truly miss the tailgating for Mercy games in the garage to shouting the ever so over-done Wiggalo.

Home is where a person who once was a nobody is now a somebody. Having the ability to express who you are, your personality, and your talents is very important. It is the way that you develop these gifts that will define you for a lifetime.  Seton has been the place to for me to find my passion and learn the necessary skills to develop this passion. If you ask my teachers or other students they will probably say I am in the Development office of Christy Schutte more than the time I spend in class. If there is one individual I should thank more times over and over it is Mrs. Schutte. Throughout the past two years I have been developing the work of SetonHSports, the online live streaming broadcasting program for Seton Sports. This work took up most of my senior year. I worked with Schutte to get the word out about SetonHSports to students, teachers and alumni. On February 6, 2014 I broadcasted varsity basketball vs. Anderson for the first time through SetonHSports. Throughout this process I have never felt so self-confident and I can honestly say that Seton, particularly Christy Schutte, is the reason for this.

Home is where an athlete can perform to the best and worst of her abilities on the field. If I learned one aspect of a student athlete, it is that no one is perfect. Throughout my four years at Seton I have participated on three varsity teams. As a sophomore I was a varsity lettered athlete in soccer, swimming and softball. Any athlete within every season will tell you that there is rejection for not being good enough. Throughout my sophomore year I was constantly reminded that I was not good enough. Not good enough to play in tournament, not fast enough to race opponents in the water, not good enough to start on the field. Within these negatives I found my heart for the love of playing. I dropped soccer, it was no longer needed-my passion for the sport died and I needed to move on. I realized that all I could do was race my individual time in the water and to push myself when I found it hard. I worked harder to catch every passed ball and to hit every strike that came over the plate. As a senior athlete I look back on the choices I made as a sophomore and see that these are the experiences that made me who I am today, and I have no regrets. Today I am currently finishing my final softball season. I have never worked harder to achieve my spot on the field (catcher), nor have I worked so hard on improving my hitting skills. I could not be more proud of the athlete I have become and it is all thanks to my coach, Chrissy Martini. She pushes me every day to block every ball and frame every pitch.

Home will always be home, no matter how long you leave for. They say that high school is the fastest four years of your life, and they are right. It feels like yesterday I was walking into the halls of Seton trying to find my way around, especially to remember which side of the halls to walk on. Now we have decided on our futures, eating our final meal in the Saints Café and counting down the days till Panama. They say that you better do high school right because you cannot do it all over again. Throughout my four years I have learned that high school is made for you to make mistakes and learn from them. After all, are we ever truly done learning? I can attest to that statement because without my mistakes and failures I would not be who I am. Looking now, I will remember those cheering sections, my first broadcast, and my first varsity game. I will remember the friends I have made, the staff members who encouraged me along my journey. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Class of 2014. I will always remember that green place on Glenway across from Sam’s Chili, next to those Panthers as the place that defined me for a lifetime. Seton will always be my home.

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