So Long High School, Hello College

So Long High School, Hello College

By Jessica Wuebbolt


They say high school is the fastest four years of your life. Never would I have thought that going into Seton would be some of the best memories of my life. Going into Seton I was scared, timid, and a little unsure of who I was and what I was doing with my life. Looking back, I realize attending Seton has been such a blessing to me. I have learned so many things and have met so many people I never thought I would be friends with.  I have gained a new perspective and strengthened my faith so much through various mission trips and retreats.  The opportunities I said yes to at Seton have honestly shaped me into who I am today and words cannot express how thankful I am.

Throughout my high school journey I have not only challenged myself, but also took the risk of going outside of my comfort zone. Taking the risk of joining the cross country team going into my freshman year has probably been one of my best decisions. Words cannot express how cross country has impacted my life. I have made so many wonderful memories with the team throughout my four years that I will cherish forever. There is nothing like challenging yourself every day with some of the most amazing teammates. My high school journey would not be complete if I did not join the Saints for Life club. Through this club I have met some of my best friends. Not only did joining the Saints for Life club lead me to get more involved in faith activities, but it also sparked my passion for serving others. The summer of my sophomore year I took the risk of attending a mission trip when I didn’t have any close friends going. To this day I am so glad I made the decision to go, because Liberty will always be a cherished memory for me.

I will admit there have been many struggles and challenges throughout high school, but I’ve learned to overcome my obstacles. Even though I didn’t do everything I wanted to and sure there have been times I’ve made the wrong decisions, I would still say I have no regrets. I’ve learned to accept the way things are and hey what’s done is done. My one big piece of advice to underclassman is to understand that test scores don’t and never will determine how smart you are as a person.  Try not to let a bad test score weigh on you for more than five minutes. Let’s face it, high school embarrassing moments are inevitable. From tripping up the stairs to messing up your presentation, high school if full of many embarrassing situations. Learn to realize that everyone makes mistakes. My advice is to really go outside of your comfort zone and start saying yes to every opportunity you get. You will never be in these exact same moments ever again so cherish everyone around you. Take the chance and talk to someone you would never talk to because you never know if they could become your best friend. Even though you might be struggling with high school right now, twenty years from now you may be wishing to be back in the safe halls of Seton High School. After all you never realize what you have until it’s gone.

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