Sydney Schultz’s Senior Reflection

Senior Reflection

By Sydney Schultz


The past four years of high school were definitely the fastest four years of my life. It’s very bittersweet to think that it’s almost all over. I can’t imagine not walking into the doors of Seton for another year of school at the end of summer, but next year I won’t be. I believe that Seton gave me everything that it has to offer; I received an excellent education that I will need to succeed in my future, I have made so many good friends, I have been a part of many sports teams, I have strengthened my faith in God, and I have felt the importance of giving back to others. Everything I have learned at Seton, I will take away with me to college and in my future profession.

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than excited to begin the next chapter of my life. I will be attending the University of Cincinnati as a nursing major and I couldn’t be happier about it. Although I am looking forward to starting college, there are some things that I will miss about going to Seton.

One of the things I will miss is being a member of the Cross Country team.  Cross country has changed my life in so many ways, and I have to thank my coach Karen Berndt for that. Her dedication to coaching cross country and just running in general motivated me to become not only a better athlete but a better person. Cross country has also made me a more confident person. Being on the team has allowed me to make great new friends, challenge and push myself to the best of my ability, both mentally and physically, as well as strengthen my relationship with God. I wish that I would have run cross country all four years instead of just my junior and senior years. I wasted my freshman year and sophomore year playing Seton volleyball. Cross country is the BEST fall sport there is and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to play a sport! It was hands down the best thing at Seton that I was a part of.
In addition to cross country, I will definitely miss being on the track and field team as well. I also made many new friends on the track team that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Track meets were always so much fun and exciting and I will miss being able to compete against other girls. I loved running long distance, but my favorite part about the track meets was watching the last event, which is the 4 X 400. It’s the craziest event of a meet!


I will miss being with my friends every day. Going to an all-girl high school was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. You are only in high school for four years, so have fun with your friends, do crazy things, and don’t regret anything. Your friends should come first!

Waking up ten minutes before I leave for school is also something I will miss. Hopefully in college I won’t have to take a shower, fix my hair, put on makeup, and dress nicely for class, because that’s not happening for me! I have become so accustomed to throwing my hair up in a bun and putting on my skirt and walking out the door for school. Underclassman, don’t take that for granted, because soon the opportunity to do that will be gone!


My last piece of advice is to stay focused on your school work. When applying for colleges your senior year, you will have wished that you put in more effort to raise your GPA while you could. School work is one of the most important things, and you can’t just blow it off. Take your time, do things the right way, and put in 110% effort. You will thank yourself later that you did.

Good luck to everyone still at Seton. Don’t forget that the rest of your time there will go by really quickly. Make the most of it.

Peace out Seton ✌

-Sydney Schultz


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