Thanks Seton

Thanks Seton

By Molly Kraisinger


Seton High school is the best high school on the west side undeniably. Coming into Seton knowing only one person was a crazy experience. I really got to start from scratch. Coming from an Indiana grade school with a total of 18 people in my class to being part of a class of 150 girls was something else. Everyone being thrown into a pool of madness, it was a stressful and sleep deprived time. After the first few weeks of driving 45 minutes to school every morning, the abundant amount of homework compared to grade school, sports, and everything else, I questioned my decision to comehere. I thank my mom so much for making me stick with it and not switching to the public school closer to home.


I want to say thank you to all of the people who have made my experience with Seton unforgettable.


Thank you to my mom. Thank you for driving me to school every morning 45 minutes up, then 45 minutes back, then having to do the same thing to pick me up. It was gas well spent Mother. Thank you for paying for this Catholic education, it has taught me morals that will stick with me for life. Thank you for waking me up three times until I finally dragged myself out of bed. Thank you for making me breakfast and packing my lunches.  I’m bound to starve next year in college. Most importantly, thank you for being a best friend and mentor, and the best mom ever. You truly have made my high school experience one to remember and I couldn’t have done it without you.


Thank you to the faculty. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for giving me bad grades when I really wasn’t putting any effort into my work. Thank you for teaching me things that you can’t learn out of a book. Thank you for making learning enjoyable, and teaching me that a job well done is a job you don’t have to do again. Thank you for your willingness to teach and those days when I would stay after school in your room for questions. Thank you for dealing with my energetic and sometimes too talkative self in class. Thank you for enabling me to do my best, and absorb the best. Thank you for allowing me to achieve my goal of studying engineering at Purdue. I couldn’t have done it without you.


Thank you to my friends. Without you guys, high school would have been unbearable. Coming in only knowing one person was frustrating. Through sports and class, I met some of the most amazing people. Thank you guys for climbing trees and playing Harry Potter at lunch time. Thank you for decking yourself out with me on spirit days and games. Thank you for being the best support system and for dressing up on the weekends. Thank you for always being partners with me in classes and sitting together at assemblies. Thank you for always keeping school interesting with our Skype group. Thank you for spending our weekend nights together.  Thank you for being the best friends I could find here at Seton High school. I don’t know what I am going to do without you guys next year, but I know that when we come in from college it’s going to be just how it is now.


Thanks Seton. It’s been a wild ride these past four years.

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