Molly’s Trip to Michigan

Molly’s Trip to Michigan

By Molly Kraisinger


The cold temperatures of Michigan may finally be over. This weekend I went up to South Haven, Michigan with my mother for a mother’s day weekend. We had a small cottage right on the beach, and since this was the first weekend for good weather there was almost no one on the private beach. One day we drove to Holland where they were having their Tulip festival.


Tulips bloom in a very short time period and the locals told us that usually the flowers aren’t even in bloom during festival since it is planned so far ahead. We lucked out though, because this year they happened to be in prime blooming during the weeklong festival.


On Saturday we first went to Veldheer Tulip farm. When we were there, there were a lot of people dressed in traditional Dutch costumes, and when we went into the gift shop there were tons of wooden clogs that filled the room.  We started reading a pamphlet and learned that the Dutch are the ones who cultivated tulips.  It’s not just a festival celebrating the tulips but it celebrates the Dutch culture.  At the tulip farm there were 600 different types of Tulips and they were all clumped together based on their variety of tulip.  My mother and I found it surprising how many     people came from all over the world for the tulip celebrations in Michigan.


After we left Veldheer tulip farm we went into downtown Holland where the tulip parade was just ending. There were thousands of people. They have a ritual in which people dressed in traditional Dutch clothing wash the streets of Holland as a part of the parade. That night we traveled into Saugatuck for dinner. We had dinner outside on a deck overlooking a docking place for all these sailboats on the lake. Later we watched the sunset and had a fire on the beach at night.


On Sunday, mother’s day, I hung out at the beach with my mom. It wasn’t your typical beach weather. The wind made it a little chilly and the water was frigid.  But that did not stop us from enjoying the beach.  We sat in our beach chairs and enjoyed the view, which included clear Lake Michigan water and a light house about a mile down the beach. It was a first time me and my mom had ever been away from home on mother’s day and it was nice to spend it with her relaxing on the beach.


Michigan is definitely a place worth revisiting. A beach experience that is only five hours away and Michigan is a perfect place to get a beach getaway on the weekend.


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