Spirit Day

Spirit Day

Molly Kraisinger

spirit day



On Monday, May 19, Seton held its spirit day. At the beginning of the day, students were seen in their normal uniforms for the assembly where awards were handed out for academic and club achievements. After the assembly, everyone went to their homeroom to deck out in their class colors  for spirit day.

Seniors wore pink, Juniors wore orange, Sophomores wore blue, and Freshman were in yellow. Students were decked out in crazy attire coordinating with their class color. One junior, Leigha Kraemer, was seen in a full orange jump suit. Senior Kendall Cappel, wore a pink tutu and pink sparkly sunglasses.

The fun packed day started in the gymnasium where the Executive board explained what the day would entail. After doing the Wigglo, each grade was split up and sent to a first station for a game. There were five stations; tug-a-war, pop-bottle relay, water balloon volleyball, puzzle-piece hunt, and a Big Wheel relay. The day went well accept for a few scraped knees from the Big Wheel relay and blisters from the tug-a-war.

After all the games were over, everyone went to lunch where free snow cones were served in the courtyard. With a self-serve juice station, the line was a mile long, but the refreshing snow cone was worth the wait.

After lunch students and staff reconviened  in the auditorium where the fun kept on going. Executive board called up  a student from each grade to the stage, where a game show of song lyrics was displayed. The first to recognize the song would buzz and finish the missing lyrics.

Next, it was the students against the teachers. The teachers put up a good fight, but the students pulled an obvious win. To end off the day, there was a limbo contest. First the students went up, the limber Anna Lindle won when she contorted her body under the pole that was a mere two and a half feet from the ground. For the teacher limbo, some teachers stayed in longer than expected. It was a battle between Mrs. Brookebank and Ms. Leonard at the end, but Mrs. Brookebank once again pulled it home for the win for the second year in a row. She ended the contest  in a full split under the bar.

Sophomore, Cire Brock said, “I like seeing all the teacher’s do limbo, and seeing Mr. Green fall was pretty funny.” Shannon Smyth said her favorite part of the day was the snow cones saying,  “the snow cones were nice.”


It was a fun day with friendly competition. The seniors came out on top, the sophomores following in second, and juniors in third. Although freshman came in last, they put up a great fight.



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