Art Show 2014

Art Show 2014

By Abby Rollinger

art show2

A few hours of drinks, food, and incredible artwork all for free- sounds like a good time, right? On Friday, May 2, the art department did just that as they hosted their annual Art Show. Art students displayed their artwork  on modular displays and walls around the commons.  Artwork  featured included  paintings, drawings, ceramics, photography, and many more creative crafts.

Although the show involved artwork of students from all grades, the highlight of the night is always the Senior Series walls. Each senior in art is allotted a portion of a wall to present their Senior Series, which is essentially a compilation of fantastic original pieces formed under the same muse. Not only is the Senior Series an awesome way to show-off the best of the best that Seton has to offer, but also serves as a kind of dedication to the seniors in art who have stuck with the program for all or most of their high school careers.

As a final farewell, the seniors were asked a few questions about what art means in their lives, what art at Seton has done for them and how much it means to have their own Senior Series wall. Here are their responses:


“It’s kind of surreal feeling to be here. I’ve waited four years to have my senior year and now that it’s here I don’t even know what to say.”                                                                                                                               -Maria Carroll


“I actually didn’t get to attend the art show because of a track meet, but I got to see everyone’s art during school and it was all truly amazing, especially the three and four year art students. Even though I’m a senior in art two, it was amazing to be a part of such a great art show.”                                                              -Kaylie Brown


“Art is a way to see things differently.”                                                                                                                        -Elora Tonnis


“(Art is) an expression of one’s self. It’s allowed me to express myself.”
-Kaitlyn Bredestege


“For me, Seton art has helped me to make friends and be proud of my art work.”                                          -Amy Krumpelbeck


“Art is a way I can express myself without words, and just how I feel.”                                                                        -Lauren Lind


“Art class has offered me an immense amount of knowledge and I have definitely progressed from freshman year to senior year. Thanks to the help and guidance of Mrs. Metz, the knowledge I’ve learned from Seton’s art class will definitely be beneficial for me in my future.”                                                                       -Maria Hartmann


“Art is my ability to express and show my imagination and creativity in a visual manner for others to see.”                                                                                                                                                                                  -Anna McGowan


“I made best friends.”                                                                                                                                                    -Alicia Menke


“It allowed me to express myself in school and it was a break from other school activities.”                              -Sam Smith


“Through my senior series I was able to express how much music means to me. For example, my senior series was local band posters and I was able to express my passion for music through my art.”                   -Victoria Hancock


“Art to me is a way to show my feelings and to bring myself out of my shell and express who I truly am.”                -Katie Kahny


“Art is my creative outlet and it doesn’t feel like work; it’s more like fun.”                                                                     -Christine Anneken


“Art at Seton improved my skills and techniques by more than I would ever imagine.”                                              -Jewel Thompson


“For me, art means a way to express myself and relieve stress.”                                                                                   -Courtney Schira


“My four years here at Seton has gone by way too fast, I can honestly say that one of the main reasons I continued with art all four year was for this moment right now. It’s cool to have a kind of art senior night and have a whole wall to display some of my work from throughout the years. Thanks to Mrs. Metz and Mrs. Vanover for helping me develop my talent and express myself.”                                                                          -Katelyn Walter


Congratulations to everyone whose  artwork was featured in this year’s Art Show.  A special shout out goes to all the immensely talented graduating seniors- here’s our tribute to you! Goodbye and good luck (not that you need it).

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