Comfort Zone Bucket List

Comfort Zone Bucket List

By Abby Rollinger


Most of people do small things that enable themselves to slowly edge out of their comfort zones in the hopes of a broader horizon, such as sitting at a different table, sharing opinions in class or singing somewhere besides the shower. Senior, Jessica Moses, however, decided to use her senior project to skip gradually wading herself into the waters of the unknown in favor of diving in headfirst.

“My project is a Comfort Zone Bucket List,” describes Moses. “I decided that I would do multiple activities within my project that include skydiving, bungee jumping, being homeless for a weekend, handing out care packages, being blind and deaf, and doing a taste test that deals with smell and taste being taken away.” All of the tasks compiled on Moses’s bucket list are things that would ultimately rip her out of her typical comfort zone. What possessed her to want to do such a thing? “I decided to do this project because it was all things that I knew would force me to have to step out of my own life and take on a new perspective,” explained Moses. “I knew it would be challenging and it would keep me busy all year. I wanted something entertaining and I wouldn’t get bored with.”

Although each listed activity is extremely interesting, Moses recalls that some excursions were far more enjoyable to partake in than others. “My least favorite part was trying to sleep outside when being homeless in the freezing weather,” reminisced Moses. “My favorite part was, of course, skydiving,  just because it was such a rush to get up in the air while you are so afraid and jump out of it. It was so exciting and amazing and it really made me realize what all is out there.”

Now that every box on her list had been checked, Moses claims to still love her project, saying, “I would do it a million times over. It is unlike other projects and it fits to my personality.” Moses concludes by giving a little advice to the class of 2015 and all those to come after, stating, “The English teachers will already tell them this, but it is extremely important to pick something you like and want to do. If it is boring and you don’t have time to do it or don’t make time for it, the project will be awful.”

Moses was able to fully complete her bucket list and step out of her comfort zone, making her senior project a complete success. Good job, Jessica!

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