Raising MS Awareness

Raising MS Awareness

By Abby Rollinger


For Seton senior, Aubrie Anneken, choosing what to do for her senior project was almost too easy. Five years ago, her mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease of the brain and nervous system that affects the entire body. Seeing what her mother has had to go through since then has turned Anneken into an awareness advocate of MS. She expresses her concern over the matter publically in order to gain support for not only its medical research, but for those who are afflicted with the disease. What better way to spread the word about MS than through a year-long project dedicated to the cause?

To make this happen, Anneken spent a great deal of time branching out to her fellow Saints in the Seton community. “My whole thing is trying to show that Seton is this big support group,” explains Anneken. “So, the Seton support and spirit are important.” Anneken sent multiple emails containing facts about MS, including information about her project and what others can do to contribute to it. “People were supportive with fundraising; responding to emails and even just reading about MS. It’s really about awareness,” says Anneken.

The final product of Anneken’s project was a fundraising walk dedicated to MS. To raise money, Anneken sold bracelets at lunch bells and took general donations. To ensure participation in the actual walk itself, she gave away a free t-shirt to every person who registered for the walk online. “Eleven people showed for my team and my mom sat at the finish line,” said Anneken.  “I raised $1,200 altogether. I feel like even though the team wasn’t that big, I (was able to) spread awareness of MS to Seton High School and gained support for its cause.”

So, what is MS? According to WebMD, results of MS include loss of muscle, vision, balance and sensation. This is because the disease basically causes the body’s immune system to attack bodily tissue instead of just bacteria, causing deterioration and weakening in everything affected by it. As of now, there is no cure for MS and very little can be done to treat or prevent its symptoms for occurring. However, as Anneken stated, it is really about awareness and gaining support for the disease, which she successfully succeeded in doing through her senior project. Good job, Aubrie!

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