Free Money?

Free Money?


By: Molly Henderson

Most students feel that asking teachers for Walk money is awkward and it seems like they are bothering the teachers.  Students do not realize that teachers want to donate money to help students raise funds for the Walk. Mrs. Vanover, art and digital media teacher, commented in one of her classes, “No one has even asked me for Walk money yet!” To help get the word out that teachers are donating, they are having a contest to see who can give the most money. There are three Seton staff teams, which are Team Matthew McKinney, Team Keegan McCarthy, and Team Jay Villing. Each staff team has the same incentives as the students. The difference is that they have to give their money to the students.  Each team member on the winning team gets 5 out of uniform passes, a free cookie for lunch from the cafeteria for a week, and a $50 gift certificate to the Spiritwear shop. The teachers need and want students to ask them for Walk money. Free money from the staff? What a great deal. So students… ask away and may the best staff team win!


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