Meet the Teacher Night 2014

Meet the Teacher Night 2014

Maddie Ernst

Meet the Teacher Night is a night for parents to be informed and enlightened about their daughters’ education at Seton. On August 27th, 2014 Seton High School was filled with eager parents wanting to know more about the leaders whom will be helping their daughters be successful and grow as individuals.

Teachers here at Seton view this night to be extremely beneficial for the parents. Gary Collins, the freshman and senior English teacher at Seton, says, “Meet the Teacher Night enables a connection to be formed in which will be vital for the rest of the year.” Collins feels this night is important because he is a father himself and believes that every parent wants to hear how the classroom is ran; what the year will look like for a student here at Seton High School. Another English teacher, Mrs. Christine Brookbank says this night is beneficial because, “It’s important that parents are a vital component to their daughter’s education. It’s also an opportunity for us to share our philosophy of learning and expectations as we can individualize our instruction based on their daughters’ needs.”

So, what exactly is the environment like at Meet the Teacher Night? Teachers such as Mrs. Nicolas, Sister Teresa, and Mrs. Vanover use PowerPoints to help explain who they are and what the school year will have in store for the students.

Madame Nicolas introducing herself to parents
Madame Nicolas introducing herself to parents

Frankie Zahneis, mother of sophomore Rachel Zahneis, is impressed with “the technology of the tablets and the new block schedule”.  The parents of Margaret Lange, Sandie and Greg also have to say, “the cleanliness of Seton is impressive along with the upbeat teachers despite the 125 degree temperature of the classrooms”.

Sandie and Greg Lange
Sandie and Greg Lange

Overall, Meet the Teacher Night was a success. Susan Lee, mother of Jessica Lee, shares “I learned in her chemistry class that there are new programs available for students to share documents and parents are able to see what is going on as well, and that really impressed me.” Another parent, Denis Werling Koch, mother of Meghan Koch, was impressed by the literature circles that are ongoing in the students’ English classes. Many are also satisfied with the new schedule that Seton has to offer. Kim Kurzhals, mother of Kaley and Kelsey Kurzhals, stated “The new schedule has shown me that my kids are more relaxed and are able to complete their homework despite year round sports.”

Meet the Teacher Night is a traditional event that is extremely helpful for parents! This night enables parents to be informed and get a feeling of the Seton experience. Special thanks to the teachers and all that they do!

Mrs. Vanover consulting with parent Kim Kurzhals
Mrs. Vanover consulting with parent Kim Kurzhals




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