Prayer Service

Prayer Service

By Courtney Burns

prayer service

Home sweet home, Saints! Let’s give ourselves a round of applause for surviving our first week of school! How does it feel to be back, seniors? How is it to be upperclassman, juniors? How does it feel not to be a freshman anymore, sophomores? How did first week of high school go, freshman? At Seton, we have a tradition of having a prayer service where we welcome new members of Seton High School. The prayer service is meant to help welcome students into our strong sisterhood community. As usual, we start a prayer service with the readings from the Gospels. Shortly after the readings, Mrs. Brigger, the principal, announces the freshman names as they come up to the stage to receive their candles from the executive board to welcome them into our sisterhood community. The prayer service isn’t only for the freshman, it’s for faculty, staff, or students that are new to our sisterhood community. Having a prayer service welcoming new members makes Seton very unique and special. Here at Seton, everyone is welcomed and will all work together in order to make the school year of 2014-2015 the best year ever!

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