The Seton Sauna

The Seton Sauna

By Katie Grace


The beginning of the school year marks a time of new classes, new teachers, and a genuine curiosity about the lunch menu in the cafeteria. All of this, partnered with the sweltering heat, makes Seton High School at the end of summer an interesting place to be. The halls are filled with frightened freshmen, the complaints of upperclassman, and heat – lots and lots of heat. For students, the end of summer beckons a time of sweat-stained polos, a longing for tank tops and flips flops, and a newfound hatred for those lucky few who manage to get a seat by a fan.


Now you may be saying to yourself, “But Katie, this isn’t helping us at all!”


Do not fret, my friends. For your cooling pleasure, I have composed a short list of places to go (and places to avoid) when the heat just becomes too much to bear.


Places To Go Places To Avoid
  • The Commons
  • The New Gym
  • The Multipurpose Room
  • The Guidance Room
  • The Main Office
  • Room 204
  • Room 105
  • Room 103
  • The Entire 3rd Floor
  • Most of the 2nd Floor Hallways
  • Most of the 1st Floor Hallways
  • The Library


I hope that this list, while brief, makes your school day just a bit easier. Good luck, ladies.

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