Emily Geigle

big little

Once again, Seton hosted the “Big Sister Little Sister Picnic” on Friday, August 15. On this day, both the freshmen little sisters and senior big sisters arrived to support this event and each other. Prior to Friday, the seniors who have little sisters decorated flower pots with gifts and goodies for their little sisters.

Seniors met their little sisters and surprised them with their flower pots. Soon thereafter, the Seton sisters roamed the halls on a tour and explored the mysteries of their new school. As the afternoon approached, the anxious freshmen awaited their first lunch at Seton.

big sis pots

After lunch, the new sisters gathered in the new gym for various activities and games. Half of the sisters explored Seton on a challenging scavenger hunt that explored various aspects and traits of Seton High School. The other half of the sisters stayed in the gym and played games. One of the games required the sisters to each tie a small balloon onto their ankles while everyone else tried to pop them. Believe it or not, this lasted quite a while! During the remaining time, the new saints were introduced  to Seton’s greatest cheers, such as the “wig-a-lo.” The Saints ended the day on a “cheery” note, knowing they would return for their first official day on Monday, August 18.

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