Letter to Freshmen

Letter to Freshmen 

By Sydney Haussler 

Dear Freshmen, 

As you are beginning your journey here at Seton, you are probably super overwhelmed with new challenges, new friends, and many new opportunities. But have no fear, the seniors are here. To help you get a great start to your high school experience, here are a few pieces of advice that other seniors and I wish we knew when Seton was still new to us.

First and foremost, never be afraid to ask questions! As a freshman, almost everything here at Seton is going to be new to you, so naturally you are going to be clueless at times. Whether you don’t understand something in class or you have no idea where room 215 is, never hesitate to ask. Everyone here at Seton wants you to succeed. On the flip side, never be afraid to answer questions either. You may think it’s not “cool” to participate in class or shout out the answer to a teacher’s questions, but it will only benefit you in the long run. Always remember that school comes first. Study hard for each and every test and always do your homework. If you think school is hard now, wait until you procrastinate on a project or paper and have to do everything the night before…you don’t want to be there, trust me!

Try to be as involved at Seton as you can. Join different clubs and extracurricular activities that interest you. These are the years where you start to discover who you are and what you’re passionate about. Use this time to get to know as many of your classmates as you can. You will experience so many new people with their own unique stories and personalities. These are the girls that could possibly become your closest friends throughout high school and even college, so don’t be afraid to talk and open up to new people. Cherish every moment you have

with these girls because before you know it, you’ll all be going off to college. Trust me when I say that these are the fastest four years of your life! Live every moment to the fullest and experience every opportunity that Seton offers. Make countless amounts of memories and laugh as much as you can. But most importantly, always remember to BE YOURSELF!


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