Is Anything Safe?

Is Anything Safe?

By Rachel Hale


Copyright 2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.


iCloud. Everyone in today’s world owns an iPhone. If you do not, you are one of the lucky people who may still have some privacy. iCloud combines everything on your Apple devices so that you can access all of your pictures, music and documents on any device. That may sound wonderful, but it has its downfalls. You may have recently heard about celebrity’s iClouds being hacked and their personal information leaked. Some of the celebrities who have been targeted are: Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and many more. Knowing that anyone can hack into our personal devices, what else can they hack into?

Because computers are the lead source of technology, we store all of our information on them. Even doctor’s offices now have electronic files. Even though we have not heard anything in the news about medical files being hacked into, it is something we should worry about due to it being all computerized. This may not change the way we do things, but maybe it will make people more cautious with passwords, what we put on the internet, and social media accounts. Here are some tips to help keep your phone safe from hackers:

1. Don’t use iCloud.

2. Use a unique password, and do not use the same password on all of you devices. Avoid password such as: password or 1234. Also try using a combination of capital letters, symbols, and numbers.

3. Disable your photo stream. This will stop your iPhone to sending your pictures to iCloud.

4. Use Apple’s two step authorization. When putting your password into your iCloud you will have to put a special code along with your password that is unique to your phone.

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