The Situation in ISIS in Less than 60 Seconds

The Situation in ISIS in Less than 60 Seconds

By: Brooke Zentmeyer


Feeling out of the loop in dinnertime conversation with Mom and Dad? Tired of being the “stupid kid” who’s too busy snapchatting to be thinking about global issues? Want to stun your teachers when you actually get the question right to the question about current events? Well, then you’ve come to the right article to help you do all that and more. Or at least the article to help you fake your way through it. If you possess working eyes and/or ears then you should have seen or heard the word “ISIS” floating around lately. “ISIS? Did Apple come out with an electronic sister?”, you wondered, confused by the weird term. When you googled this term and discovered there was no new replacement robot sister, and only a bunch of boring political articles, you probably X’ed out and went back to texting bae. If this sounds like you, then I’m begging you to keep reading because we need to get you educated my friend! And fast! So here’s what I’m gonna do: The ISIS situation in 60 seconds. I can’t cover everything, but it’ll be enough to make you look like the Einstein of Current Events compared to all of the other teens your age.

First of all, you need to know what ISIS stands for; ISIS is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. “Iraq? Been there, done that,” you might think. Well, stay with me friend, because ISIS is a new beast entirely. They are a jihadist militant terrorist group with the main goal of taking control of parts of Iraq and Syria to achieve the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is mainly composed of Sunni Arabs. They want and have established strict Sharia Law, a law based on interpretations of the Qu’ran, in the land they have taken over. Why are they dominating the news lately? They are winning! They are organized, wealthy, and well-trained. They instill fear in their opposers with cruel public executions, such as crucifixions and firing squads. ISIS has even executed an American journalist by beheading. So, what is the U.S. doing about this? President Obama is working to develop a “core coalition” of nations to deal with the ISIS situation. However, even as the President and Heads of other countries work to develop a solution, more and more people are joining ISIS as each day passes, some of them with Western Passports which means they have easy access to U.S. planes.

The situation with ISIS is ongoing and complex, but I hope I managed to keep it short enough that you could read through it in between your text to Him<3.

Did I intrigue you? Want to know more? Pick up a newspaper! Turn on the news! You’re a big kid and you can learn about the world all on your own.

By: Brooke Zentmeyer

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