StrongHer’s First Meeting of the Year

StrongHer’s First Meeting of the Year

By Sydney Haussler


Monday, September 8, was StrongHer club’s first meeting of the year. If you are not familiar with StrongHer, it is a club based on self-confidence and positivity. The mission of the club is: “As a part of Seton High School, StrongHer will strive to strengthen self-esteem and confidence in girls of all ages. This club will promote individuality, inner beauty and acts of kindness by sharing messages of acceptance, motivation and strength. Our goal is to be optimistic role models for our peers and younger girls while continuing to enhance the welcoming tradition of the Seton sisterhood.”

This year there are a few changes to the club. The first change is the club’s location. Each club meeting will now be held in Mrs. Linz’s room, room 103. They also have a few changes to the club board. Not only are there new board members, but also new positions on the board. Below are the new board members and positions.

* President- Sydney Haussler

* Vice President- Haley Sponaugle

* Events Coordinator- Caroline Klopp

* Secretary- Erin Gardner

* PR & Membership Chair- Hannah Fricke

* Treasurer- Julianne Condia

Every meeting starts out with a snack as the members come in. The snack is usually brownies or another type of sweet. After snacks, they start with prayer and intentions and lead into what topic they will be covering that day. At the meeting on Monday, the board members started off by introducing themselves and their roles as leaders of the club and also went over the club norms. This was followed by a video they thought described everything StrongHer stands for as a club. Feel free to take a peek at the video called “Who You Are” in your spare time: Lastly, the whole club went to the multi-purpose room for an ice breaker game called, “Train wreck,” to help the new members become familiar with each other.

The board members are very excited for the new year and have a lot of new ideas for the club. They can’t wait to see many new faces and make an even greater impact on the Seton community. Feel free to stop by anytime and see what the club is all about; I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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