Freshman Class Student of the Week

Freshman Class Student of the Week

By Isabella Jansen

freshman sotw

It’s a  new school, new teachers, and most of all a bunch of new girls that many of you have not gotten an opportunity to get to know. This is your chance to get to know Arderia Lankford, the Freshman Class Student of the Week.

Arderia attended many different grade schools, but Most recently she attended St. Francis Seraph before coming to Seton High school. She  is a proud and loving owner of an adorable blue eyed pit-bull, named Zoe. For those of you who have not had the privilege of meeting Ms. Lankford, she is an amazing singer and dancer, but only when her stage consists of her bathroom shower. She states that she [stinks] when it comes to singing in public arenas.

You can more times than not find Arderia in the Chorus room where she makes her friends laugh while singing and learning the songs. On weekends, or after school, Arderia can be found reading books such as, City and Heavenly Fire, The House of Night series, and of course Beautiful Redemption #allschoolread. She also spends her free time rocking out to Lana Del Ray’s,” West Coast” and enjoys dining at Chinese restaurants and sushi joints.

Even though Arderia may be Bae-less, she still has her BFF Rachel Willenborg. Who needs a Bae when you got great friends like Rachel? Even though she doesn’t need a boy to make her happy, it doesn’t keep Arderia from crushing on Robert Patterson! Arderia celebrity crush also  just so happens to be in her favorite movies the Twilight sagas! I like to call it sweet serendipity.

After Seton, Ms. Lankford can see herself either attending University College London or Yale.She would also like to tell the senior class of 2015 to “turn up!” and have a good time.  So there you have it ladies, that’s Arderia. It is now your chance to go meet her for yourselves!

Here are Arderia’s responses to various “Coke and Pepsi” type questions:

  1. Chocolate or vanilla? ​Vanilla
  2. Summer or winter? Winter, I love to sleep in the cold
  3. Coffee or tea? Coffee, got to love Mcfrappes
  4. Bathes or showers? Shower
  5. Shave November or no shave November? ​No shave Novembers?
  6. Disney or Nickelodeon?Nickelodeon
  7. Skyline or Goldstar? Skyline
  8. Chipotle or Taco Bell? Chipotle
  9. Papa Johns or Larosa’s? Papa Johns

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