Green Week 2k14

Green Week 2k14

By Molly Henderson and Maddie Ernst

Green Week is a week at Seton that goes down in the books. It’s a week that enables girls to go all out and show their spirit. The first theme for Green Week was Grade School. The girls wore their old uniforms/spirit wear from their grade school. Freshmen Julie Lanzillotta said, “The most fun theme for me was Grade School Day”. On Tuesday, everyone paraded the spirit of USA! Some wore an American Flag and others painted their faces red white and blue. The mid-week found the school lounging and relaxing for comfy P.J Day. Junior Alayna Shook claimed, “My favorite theme this week was Pajama Day because it was comfy and fun”. Seton was blinded by the light with all of the neon on Thursday. Finally, Friday, the theme was ALL OUT GREEN. The students of Seton revealed their green pride with as much spirit as possible- green paint, green hair, green clothing, green everything!

gw pjs

gw neon

When asking freshman if they are afraid to be spirited during Green Week Katelyn Barnes says, “I don’t care what others think and I like to be spirited”.


Seniors Olivia Tepe and Celia Garnett added that during Green Week students shouldn’t have to wear their uniform skirts, regardless if they met the Walk Incentives. Also, a fun addition of Green Week could be music in the hallways.

Here is a video to remember Green Week!

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