Get Down at the Garage

Get Down at the Garage

By Molly Henderson

The Garage Get Down was started in 2006 by the senior class when the garage was first built. It is the only dance that all the grade levels attend together. It enables the entire student body to dance and have fun together while dressing in different themes. The senior class had the theme of the infamous dynamic duos. The seniors can dress up as their favorite TV show characters, princesses, or video game characters. The junior class theme was to dress as characters from the movie Grease, wearing leather jackets and big, curly hair. The sophomore class wore neon colors and blinded anyone in sight of them! Glow sticks and neon face paint were the biggest hits. The freshman class celebrated our country and patriotic pride, wearing red, white, and blue. When asking a freshman if she liked her first GGD, freshman Alex Vale said, “Yes, I liked it and it was really fun!” Sophomores Megan Davis and Emily Heinzelman also said, “I really liked our theme this year.” The DJ was a triumph this year because he played different genres of music that appealed to the crowd. Senior Emily Hatting stated, “I really liked the DJ this year and the songs he played.” The GGD was an overall success this year with more laughs, dancing, and fun memories.

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