The Day of Dentures and Donuts

The Day of Dentures and Donuts

By Katie Grace

“Is Katie still coming? Tell her I’m waiting by the donuts!” This is the message my father received after I was two minutes late in meeting my grandmother (a Seton alumna) on Grandparent’s Day. I am almost certain she actually came twenty minutes early and was expecting me to do the same. But, alas, my teenage brain doesn’t work that way.

On Monday September 15, the halls of Seton High School were filled with the sweet scent of donuts and Danishes. Grandparent’s Day has long been a tradition at most schools and, fortunately for us, Seton joined in this year. The Seton student body, and their grandparents, roamed through the hallways, grinning from ear to ear, chatting about schedules, Seton tradition, and anything else they could comment on while eating donuts and sipping on coffee. Before eight, the students and their grandparents crowded leisurely into the auditorium to celebrate Founder’s Day mass. Once the church tunes began and the chatter-filled crowd silenced, the singing started. Maybe it’s just me, but there is something to say about singing off-key with your grandma on an early Monday morning. And that something is amazing.

After mass, goodbyes were said, hugs were given, and the students made the unwilling trek back to homeroom as the school day commenced. But hey, at least Monday morning was a bit easier with a little encouragement from grandma and grandpa.

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