Try Something New this Year!

Try Something New this Year!

By Maureen O’Brien

Every year Seton offers a wide variety of clubs that might just spark your interest. Alumnae, parents, and guidance counselors are always trying to get you to get more involved for numerous reasons; you’ll make friends, you’ll have fun, and the big one, it looks better on a college application. I’m sure you know how it goes. “The more extra-curricular activities you have, the better!” But sometimes it can be hard to find a club that fits. This year, two more clubs have already been added to our long list! As part of her Senior Project, Jessica Rieskamp has established a Poetry Club. In Poetry Club, you will write poetry, share your poems, watch slam poems, and have short 5-6 minute lessons on how to present poems effectively. You will be inspired by the movement of words. Meetings are every other Tuesday at 7:20 AM in Mr. Collin’s room. The next meeting is September 23.

Also, seniors Gabrielle Doll and Greta Busche have co-captained the creation of the Euchre Club! Euchre, if you were previously unaware, is a card game. It is a trick-taking card game most commonly played with four people in two partnerships with a deck of 24, or sometimes 32, standard playing cards.

If you aren’t interested in the shuffling of cards or the smooth flow of poetry, you can check out some of the other clubs at Seton. Some of the most popular are Saints for Life, Seton Helping Saints, and Photography Club. To see a full list of clubs at Seton, visit Seton’s Website. Clubs aren’t just academic! We

have an Academic Team and Spanish Club, but we also have unique clubs like StrongHer and Anime Club.

Overall, your parents and counselors are right. Being a part of a club or group will change your experience at Seton. It’s not even just about fitting in or making friends, it’s about belonging somewhere. When you are part of a club or team, you know that you are always welcome. Of course, the making friends part doesn’t hurt. I really hope that I have convinced you to at least look into a club at Seton. What can it hurt to try something new?


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