Freshman Student of the Week

Freshman Student of the Week

Isabella Jansen

fresh sotw

Freshman, are you still wandering around school questioning who the girls around you are? Well if the answer is yes, have no fear; I am here to tell you of another Seton Sister, Olivia Zahneis! Olivia attended St. Jude grade school (go Bulldogs) and plays Volleyball on the Seton Volleyball Team! You can always find Olivia in the gym after school. If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is. Outside of school you can often find her at Elder games or killing time with friends or at the movies.

Even though she has a Bae who will remain nameless, this doesn’t stop her from eyeing the oh so crushable Channing Tatum, I mean can you blame her? She may not have Channing Tatum to hang out with, but at least she still has her Bae who can go with her to her favorite places like Chipotle and help her pick out clothes from American Eagle!

If any of you Freshman, love the movie, The Fault in our Stars, or the song,” Leave the Night,” by Sam Hunt, then Olivia would be a perfect friend. These are her favorite things as well! Olivia also sees herself, “as a part of the sisterhood where everyone learns and grows up together.” As a Senior, I can honestly say she has come to the right place to make this dream happen! She would also like to tell her big Senior Sister, Celia Garnett, “That [she] loves her and she is hilarious and she will always be great at volleyball.”

So that’s it ladies; that is Olivia Zahneis in 300 words, so get out there and make a new friend.

Here are Olivia’s responses to various “Coke or Pepsi” type questions:

  1. Chocolate or vanilla? ​Chocolate
  2. Summer or winter? Summer
  3. Coffee or tea? Coffee
  4. Baths or showers? Showers
  5. Shave November or no shave November? Shave November
  6. Disney or Nickelodeon? Disney
  7. Skyline or Goldstar? Skyline
  8. Chipotle or Taco Bell? Chipotle
  9. Papa Johns or Larosa’s? Larosa’s

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