Pumpkins, Apples, and Pictures Oh My!

Pumpkins, Apples, and Pictures Oh My!

By Rachel Hale

On Sunday, October 12, The Photography Club had their second outing! The Club members met at McGlasson Farms to take pictures, buy pumpkins, and enjoy delicious caramel apples. They walked around the farm and looked for artsy backgrounds that could be later posted on Instagram to show that Sundays are more than a day to do all the homework you forgot you had. The outing was a way to take pictures during the fall while expanding their photography skills. But for those lucky few who have amazing photography skills or even if you are mediocre at taking pictures (like me) you should  come to the next photo outing! Come to the meetings to see what the club is all about! The club meets every Thursday morning at 7:20 in Mrs. Vanover’s room, unless you hear otherwise. Photo Club outings give you a chance to meet people and have fun while taking pictures!

photo club

Gabby Hirlinger and Natalie Morrison. Photo taken by Abbi Sandman

photo club 2

Tomato. Photo taken by: Maria Beltsos


Butterfly. Photo taken by Kelly Shields

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