Senior Night or Zombie Apocalypse

Senior Night or Zombie Apocalypse

Isabella Jansen

This soccer season has not been what the senior players expected coming into their fourth and final year as a Seton soccer player. Despite having more losses than wins, for this group of seniors, spirit and optimism was found in abundance. This dedication and unwavering spirit to their school and team shined through on their senior night. senior night 3sssn

With a cheering section full of the Walking Dead and supportive friends and families, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Becauseof supporting fans and the fact that it was senior night, Sycamore never truly stood a chance against our Seton Saints! Senior, Kelsey Kurzhals started the game off right scoring two goals in the first half followed by a third goal being scored by senior, Carly Stagge. Kurzhals rounded out the first half scoring a third goal, giving herself a hat trick and allowing her team to take the lead on the score board. In the second half, seniors, McKenzie Frommeyer and Hannah Ammon, continued the trend adding one more goal each to the score board. By the end of the game, Seton Saints clenched the win. It seemed as if this was the turn around the team needed, and they received it from a group effort from the entire team. senior nightsenior night 2

Whether it was Senior night or a Zombie apocalypse one thing holds true: it was the marked the closing of four years of hard work and dedication; four years of sweat, tears, and endless laughter. These eight girls have been together their entire high school career and now that their days on the soccer field together are over,they will turn in their uniforms for the next Seton sister to wear with pride. Their memories and the bonds they created will always remain.

Seton Varsity Soccer Seniors 2014

Favorite Memory: Winning districts sophomore year What you’ll miss: Playing with all my senior friends. Word to describe the season: Spirited
seton 2
Favorite Memory: Creating the game “Mean one Touch” at Potato Hill Farm with Kelsey What you’ll miss: The tire game Word to describe the season: Challenging
seton 3
Favorite Memory: Beating Mercy What you’ll miss: I am going to miss Coach Quinn’s singing Word to describe the season: Challenge
seton 5
Favorite Memory: Winning Districts Sophomore Year and scoring the winning goal against mercy What you’ll miss: Team Dinners Word to describe the season: Challenging
seton 6
Favorite Memory: making up the game “Mean one Touch” with Cassie Johnson What you’ll miss: Obviously team dinners and being with my best friends Word to describe the season: Diligent
seton 7
Favorite Memory: Scoring a head ball goal in the first tournament game What you’ll miss: Playing under the lights at the PAC Word to describe the season: Unpredictable
seton 8
Favorite Memory: Beating mercy this year What you’ll miss: The team dinners and playing with everyone Word to describe the season: Persistence
seton 4
Favorite Memory: Scoring against McCauley last year’s Senior Night What you’ll miss: Being with my team every day and all the inside jokes Word to describe the season: Memorable

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