College Visit Day / Job Shadow Day

College Visit Day / Job Shadow Day

By Maddie Ernst

On Wednesday October 15, 2014 the senior students took advantage of a free day to visit the college of their choice or complete a job shadow of their interest. This day enabled students to take a break from the stress of current projects and focus on their future. Ever since freshman year, we seniors have waited for this day. A day where we don’t have to take a standardized test and are shown the numerous possibilities that lie before our eyes. This day was used to help decide what we are going to do with our future. Jalee Connor stated, “The day was helpful for me because it gave me a better understanding of Thomas Moore College. I already knew about the athletics but I was able to see the academics of the college.”

college visit
Shakur Carson at Wright State University with her sister and friend

Senior, Cierra Watkins, visited Ball State, a university in Indiana.  She said, “I liked it because even though I want to major in pre-vet, Ball State would allow me to participate in theater still.” Shakur Carson went to Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and said she liked the “diverse and comfortable feeling that was present due to the campus.”

Haley Sponaugle visited Ohio University and stated, “I loved the close-knit atmosphere of Ohio University’s campus.” Olivia Tepe also visited Ohio University and said, “OU has a lot to offer and I can definitely see myself going there.”

Haley Sponaugle at Ohio University

ou college

Carly Stagge shadowed Walgreen’s Pharmacy. She stated, “I got to work with the pharmacist and techs as I went through files for patients and counted the pills to distribute into bottles. I was able to talk with the pharmacist about everything he does.” Carly is interested in being a Pharmacist and this experience enabled her to see what a day looks like for a Pharmacist.

Soon many seniors will be figuring out the college that is best fit for them. They will begin the next chapter of their lives as they leave Seton High School. This day was bitter sweet as our excitement for the future grew and the anxiety of letting go rose.

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