Rave Theater Review

Rave Theater Review

By Carmen Sunderman

When was the last time you went to see a movie at the Rave Theater on Harrison Avenue with your friends, boyfriend, or family? If it has been a while, it must be time to make a date to the theaters soon because there is a new upgrade that will make you want to see a movie every weekend. Unfortunately, it is not the lowered prices of the food and candy; it’s the new and improved seats in the theater! Theaters around the city are adding new furniture that will make customers more comfortable while watching a movie. These seats are leather electric recliners, with a removable drink holder which can turn the recliner to a couch! The theaters are slowly adding these new seats to all of the theater rooms, but they are currently in rooms that are playing older movies, such as Guardians of the Galaxy. Now you have an excuse to see the action packed Sci-fi film, starring a talking raccoon, an adorable talking plant, and Chris Pratt. You and your friends can literally kick back your feet and eat candy and popcorn while you watch a movie. A few movies that are showing are: Gone Girl, The Best of Me, Annabelle, The Maze Runner, and Ouija. Go and see a scary movie with your “guy friend” or a romantic comedy with your friends this weekend, and enjoy those new seats!


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