Freshman Student of the Week

Meet the Freshman of the Week!

By Sydney Haussler

fsotwThis week’s freshman in the spotlight is Erin Klumb. Erin attended Our Lady of Victory grade school and has a passion for singing and performing. If you’re wandering around school looking for Erin, she will most likely be performing her next big role in the auditorium or singing her favorite song, “For Good,” from Wicked the musical, in the choral room. On the weekends, you can find Erin at the latest Elder game, hanging with her friends, or at home watching Netflix with her dog, Rudy.

If any of your favorite things include Olive Garden, Forever 21, or The Fault in Our Stars, you and Erin have a lot in common! She does not have bae, so she has plenty of time to spend with her new friends here at Seton. Need something to spark a conversation with her? Try Chace Crawford, she could probably talk about her celebrity crush for hours.

After Seton, Erin envisions herself attending college while keeping up with academics. She also hopes to incorporate singing and performing into the career she decides to on when she gets older. Erin would also like to tell her big sister, Grace Davis, that she is glad they became close this past summer and cannot wait to be in more shows together.

Here are a few “Coke or Pepsi” questions Erin answered:

1. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

2. Summer or winter? Summer

3. Coffee or tea? Tea

4. Baths or showers? Showers

5. Shave November or no shave November? Shave

6. Disney or Nickelodeon? Disney

7. Skyline or Goldstar? Skyline

8. Chipotle or Taco Bell? Chipotle

9. Papa Johns or Larosa’s? Larosa’s

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